Strictly for 6 card plo - What are some good pre flop starting hands ? Are kings better than aces ? Are triple suited connectors better than aces ?

Is there any equity calculator available for 6 card plo ?


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These are the things to look for in a good starting hand in 6 card plo in no particular order.

  • suits: having 3 suits (especially Ax of a suit)
  • connectedness: cards that are in order (ex. 56789T)
  • pairs: potential to make a set, or maybe an overpair on a board with no possible straights or flushes
  • rank: higher cards are better and applies to all of the above. higher straights, flushes, pairs will make it more likely you win the hand and possibly even make a slightly better hand than your opponent with a lot of action

I believe that the best possible or close to the best hand would be AAKKQQ with 3 suits. Hands like KQJT98 with 3 suits are also extremely strong if not better.


Best hand is A♦️K♦️A♣️10♣️J♠️Q♠️

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