For example, board will be like:

A 2 6 J 9

No one player can't collect straight with their any two hand cards.

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Not sure the best way to calculate this, but I did a brute-force count.

I examined if any 2-card hands when added to the 2598960 possible 5-card boards formed a straight. Some of these 2-card hands are impossible (such as having pocket aces when 4 aces are on the board). But I think that there is no case where this creates a straight when one is impossible, so I didn't bother to exclude them.

If so, there are 658480 possible boards that cannot allow a straight to be completed with any 2-card hand. Or a bit over 25%.

Also this count ignores hands that would not be classified as a "straight" for other reasons. For instance, some of these straights are really a straight flush.

  • Thank you so much. Very helpful Commented Jan 8, 2022 at 4:04

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