I had played a $1-$2 nl game. I had a hand where I raised from late position. I was dealt 6♣ 7♣ and raised to $12. Only the small blind and big blind called me.

The flop came T♥ 6⋄ 7⋄ .

The small blind bet $15, the big blind called, and I raised to $75. The small blind called and the big blind folded.

The turn card was a 4♠

The small blind went all in for $195.

I decided to fold.

Do you think that was the correct play? I thought maybe he flopped a straight draw.

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There is no objective response to "is it the correct play?", there are a lot of factors that would influence the answer.

I don't understand why you open 6BB, 2x to 3x is more standard.

As we don't know anything about the villain, but as he donk bets the flop and goes all-in on the turn, for me it implies a strong hand :

  • Any pair who touch the flop, who went crazy
  • Two pair on the turn, who went crazy
  • Top pair with a good kicker, who went crazy

I think you did well to fold in this situation, but with these bets who only implies in value, villain doesn't show a good level and will be punished soon.

  • Your last sentence is unclear. If villain had those hands unless he had two pair with the 10, OP is ahead, and it's a bad fold.
    – Herb
    Jan 13 at 16:24
  • Being "ahead" after the fact is silly. I would have folded too. 10 hours ago

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