To make a long hand short, 2 players are all in heads up,river comes Players 1 tables there cards and announces 2 pair, player 2 announce “he’s out” and tables his cards face up, a player not in the hand notices players 2 had a straight and corrected him. Who should have taken the pot?

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The rule in most casinos is "cards speak". If a hand is properly tabled face-up, anyone--dealer, floor, spectators--can and should assist in awarding the pot to the best hand shown.


If player two tabled cards that didn't touch the muck they have won. I'm going to go ahead and say this is a home game as a casino/card club game with a dealer it's the dealer's responsibility to determine the winning hand and award the pot.

Cards talk. When players are all-in they cannot fold. Again cards talk. They can muck their cards facedown in an all-in situation if they wish to, however once cards are tabled it doesn't matter what the player says. So yes player 2 has the best hand, player 2 is all-in so it doesn't matter he says he is out as he has tabled his cards. Player 2 wins.

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