6-max Cash game, 100BB deep

Hero holds A♥3♥

Goes 5-way to the flop, single raised for 3BB

FLOP: 6♣8♥T♥

SB bet 10 BB

BB folds

UTG raises 20BB

HJ folds

CO (Hero) calls

SB all in for 100BB

UTG all in for 100BB

Should Hero call?

I put them on a set and top pair top kicker. The odds of hitting the nut flush are 35% for putting 80BB more in a 215BB pot. Hero calls, stars shows Hero has 27.4% equity so it was a -EV call. Where did I calculate my equity wrong? Is it due to the possibility of quads and full houses or because someone maybe already folded heart cards?

  • I usaully ask myself in an all in drawing situation, is the rent paid?
    – Jon
    Feb 6 at 5:47
  • 27.4% implies 7 outs. 13 cards of a suit, we know 4 of course, leaving 9. A 6h is no good if they have a set as they will have quads or a house, bring us down to 8. My assumption here for the drop to 7 outs is someone else had a heart and folded.
    – Grinch91
    Feb 9 at 11:50


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