I've been studying GTO and such after years of playing without any formal training. I just at the point where I feel like I've learned enough to be dangerous, and am trying to apply my studies to live game play. A general issue I struggle with is to play through uncomfortable situations when I've learned that I should do so.

GTO and pro play seem to basically take the stance that just about any situation can be won and should be fought for. I get how the theory would support these situations, but they tend to be unintuitive and uncomfortable spots to play. I wonder how much my game will suffer if I avoid these situations. If I should definitely play these, can anyone maybe suggest a way to look at these situations that will make them more comfortable?

Here's an example, a Quiz from pokercoaching.com:

enter image description here

So the pro presenting this hand comes in for 2bb, noting that he would fold to a shove, and gets called by the BB.

We wiff the flop, and this is where I struggle. When this flop comes, I question my decisions to not fold pre flop, and I really just want to dump this hand. I figure I could be drawing nearly dead against a Q or a pocket pair, and what am I really hoping will happen here? Do I expect that I'm going to win this with a bluff most of the time? Why is this hand worth more of my chips?

How much will my game/WR suffer if I fold in situations like this. Is it a crime to not play this hand through? How much of being a top tier player involves being able to make the best of situations like this?


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