Please see the image attached. I don't understand why I didn't win here.

My hole cards: 7c Ah 7d 7h His hole cards: 10d 3c 10h 8s

Cards Dealt:5d,As,9h,2s,2c

From what I understand: I made two pair (As,Ah,2s,2c,7h) He made two pair (10d,10h,2s,2c,As)

Why did I not win? Can someone please help me understand this?

Thanks in advance

Split pot shown after showdown

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Your analysis is correct; your high hand (AA227) is better than your opponent's (TT22A).

My best guess as to why this was a split pot is that you were playing Omaha Hi-Lo, not standard PLO. In Omaha Hi-Lo, half the pot is awarded for the best 'high' hand and the other half for the best 'low' hand (if there is one).

There are a few variants of Omaha Hi-Lo and exact rules can vary but you can find an introductory explanation here.

In this case, your opponent has a qualifying low hand of A2358. You have no qualifying low hand (because only unpaired cards of value 8 or lower count). Your opponent therefore has the better low hand.

So because you win the 'high' hand and your opponent wins the 'low' hand, the pot is split.

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    You're spot on. PLO8 is another name for PLO Hi-Lo
    – Grinch91
    Sep 15, 2023 at 9:30

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