We had a hand that came up this past weekend in Omaha Hi/Lo with regards to Low. The board was A, 7, 8, J, K. Player A's low cards were 2, 5 while Player B's were 3, 4. My opinion is that player A's 5 cards in revers was 8,7,5,2,A lost to player B's hand of 8,7,4,3,A. The 4 being lower than the 5 gave player B the win.

Others say that the 2 of player A gave that player the win, even though ever other hand they agree that a low hand with the highest card of a 7, beats any hand with the highest card of an 8 and so forth.

Please give me the official ruling on this?


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The easiest way to compare Omaha low hands is to treat the cards as numbers (with Ace = 1) and order high to low. In your example:

  • Player A has 87521
  • Player B has 87431

Ordered numerically, Player B's 87431 is clearly a lower number than Player A's 87521, so Player B has the winning low hand.

This is all covered here, but I'm adding this as an answer rather than a comment because I find the "numerical ordering" concept helpful.

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