More specifically, the percentage of times over many hands that the most successful players fold pre-flop,and after the flop, turn and river. Thanks!

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This is likely to be very situation dependent.

There is however, a section in the PokerTracker tool that analyses the range of common actions that players have taken, (eg. Cbet flop, fold to flop Cbet, 3bet stats, aggression stats, etc.), and gives a broad estimate of how often profitable players are taking those actions, whilst comparing your stats against those ranges. It should lead people to dig deeper into those hand histories to find out why.

Those empirically formed data sets will provide guidance, but intuitively there can't be a recognised best set of frequencies to take with any action that I know of, unless you and your opponents are both playing Game Theory Optimal strategies.


Since you don't specify the tracker program are using, i assume you own Pokertracker, although HEM has a similar functionality, but you have to paid for it.

Poker tracker specifically has a free tool embedded called Leaktracker which is only for cash (under View Stats -> LeakTracker). This tool handles exactly what you want, it shows you a statistic range that successful players have in say VPIP, PFR and more stats, distributed across all table positions of either full-ring / short tables. Your job is to play a lot of hands and see how you fare against those successful players and tweak your game if you find your stats differ a lot from those of successful players.

You asked about how much you should fold per street. I think the word should is wrong to be used that way as situations are specific per Villain. However, what you can do is trying to emulate the stats of successful players as mentioned above, in per-street basis like the Fold to Turn C-Bet as example, while reading/interpreting the connection between specific Villain play and his stats. For example, i'm going to fold a ton against a Nit if he double-barrels me on Turn rather against an aggro player that happens to have a gravy Turn C-Bet of 70+, just an example.

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