I'm following Kill Everyone tables for push/fold situations but i have some difficulties where there's limping action before me from the big stacks.

Say, i'm in FT and the large stack with about 13.5 BB and an M of 6 just calls from UTG with stats of 28/3 over 39 hands (stats are per blind level i think in PT4). I put him on some hand like Kx,Qx any face but nothing terrible, any hand that has potential post-flop and can use his stack to take down the pot later in the hand.

I have an M of 2 and my hand is 3♠3⋄ and am 3rd to act (MP early). Now Kill Everyone recommends to shove from my position if there's no action before me. My question is:

Do you think i should tighten my push/fold requirements if there's a limp before or even fold and forget about shove since there's action anyhow, even a limp?

I mean, sure there's action earlier, although is just a loose limp by the big stack and not a raise? Does the limps earlier can mess a clear push situation? Do i have to wait for clear first-in vigorish for push/fold?

The actual hand ended the tourney for me since villain was holding 8♠8♥

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Yes you should consider limps as action because if you have only M of 2 and he already put 1 BB he gets good pot odds and he is very likely to call.

That said with such a low stack you have to take action and if you do not have any reason to believe a lot more people will call you should still go in. If he limps 1/4 of his hands you will get your flip most of the time.

  • very reasonable, i frequently forget to compare their contribution to the pot, as i think more the chance i'm gonna get called by others. My conclusion is that the lower my stack and M and early position, the less thought i should give to stats and sophisticated play and instead play directly the tables as if there wasn't any action. Thanx!
    – user1165
    Apr 29, 2015 at 19:48

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