Say you have played only 3 hands.

1 of them was when you were SB 1 of them was when you were BB 1 of them was when you were at Button

You folded when you were SB and BB.

It was only when you were at Button which you voluntarily put in the pot. --> You opened by a raise --> 1 opponent re-raised and all else folded (3-bet) --> you re-raise again (4-bet) --> your opponent calls

In this situation Your VPIP=100% because you voluntarily put into the pot once out of 1 hand (excluding when you were SB and BB). And your PFR=200% right? because you raised TWICE out of 1 hand played (raise and 4-bet)

Or no matter how many times you re-raise in a single hand, does it count as 1 Pre=flop raise?

Please let me know


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Your VP would still be 33% as you could have raised/called when you were in SB and BB - the tracker will only exclude walks where action was folded round to your BB.

As for the PFR, this generally means 2-bets so will also be 33% given you raised once out of three hands where you had the option to. Your 3-bet and 4-bet stats are recorded separately and should be 0% and 100% in your case.

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