Theoretically, if I have been playing Free rollers for a month, and played in 250 of them, winning 3 and coming into the money in 50, how many more should I play before I move up to the next stake level.

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You're moving up in limits, based mostly on your skill and bankroll. This is because tournaments have a degree of variance and want to have enough bankroll to survive during downswings, while you're gaining enough to increase you bankroll.

But for Freerolls, there's no danger of losing a bankroll, you can only win money. Therefore, your only consideration of moving up is mostly your skill.

About the when to move up, you have to realize how good you're in your current stakes. Use a tracker, for example FPDB or Pokertracker. The "problem" here is that you can't have a ROI, since you're not really investing anything.

In real money tournaments, it requires a good ROI and a good sample of tournaments (eg. 500 or 1000+) to consider moving up. Here, it takes a rough estimation.

Do you win enough, based on the time spent? If yes, move up or multi-table in current stakes.

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