Player A- 2000$ Player B- 870$ Player C- 2500$ if A bets 450$ and B goes all in with 870$ can C or A go all in?


C can go all in, but if C just folds or calls, A cannot raise because he has not been raised. B's $870 is short of the required minimum raise to $900, and so it does not reopen the action to A (but of course it doesn't affect C's rights in any way).

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Yes, C and A can either simply call B or raise (up to all in) if they want.

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  • As explained by Lee, the raise from B is not legal ( less than double the previous raise ) and as such, the game continues as if B just called ( although the call amount is updated to 870 ). If C were to call, A would not have the option to re-raise back. – Samy Arous Oct 26 '15 at 19:17

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