I have deposit CAD money on pokerstars and I have set my default and prefered currency to CAD. However, I can't join anygame because it's say I have to convert my money to USD, Pound, EURO. I fear I will get conversion fees if I do. More over, I have read on the internet that I might get the conversion fees twice...

Once to convert my money to currency of the table and another time when I went to cash out and get back my money in CAD. Really, this doesn't sound appealing to at all...

Isn't there CAD table on pokerstars?

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    I have asked the support. We will see if they answer and what they answer.
    – AXMIM
    Feb 29, 2016 at 2:16

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No they currently don't, here is their answer.

Thank you very much for your email and for allowing us to assist you with your doubts.

We do not have tables in CAD, however this is not an issue that will affect you, please find the details below.

PokerStars currently offers games and tournaments in USD, EUR and GBP and we may offer games in other currencies in the future. Besides USD and EUR, we also offer the option to hold your account balance in GBP or CAD and to make any of these four currencies your 'Preferred Currency'.

In order to make it easy to play games in currencies other than your 'Preferred Currency', PokerStars has enabled features which will allow you to seamlessly enter and leave games, without ANY conversion fees.

For example, if CAD is your Preferred Currency, and you wish to play a game or tournament which takes EUR currency, you can buy-in directly from your CAD account, without needing to convert funds first. Then you can have any winnings placed directly into your account in CAD, automatically. There is no conversion margin for these transactions.

You can enable automatic conversions from the 'Settings' app in the PokerStars lobby. Once in 'Settings', click on 'Global' then 'Multi Currency' and enable the following two options and click 'Apply Changes':

  • Convert currencies automatically, without confirmation.
  • Credit funds in my preferred currency when leaving a game.

With these options selected, your buy-ins will be converted automatically at the current conversion rates, and any money that you take from the tables or win in tournaments will be automatically converted back to your 'Preferred Currency'.

For more details on how Multi-Currency works, please take a look at the following web page:


in particular, please review the Multi-Currency FAQ:


To avoid the margin fee being charged on your deposit and cashout transactions, we would advise you to submit the request from your CAD bankroll account. The exchange rate margin will only be charged if the bankroll currency is different to the processing currency.

Please note that leaving a table, tournament deregistration, real money transfers, intra-accounts transfers (between bankrolls) or any other game related conversion, you will not be charged the margin fee.

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