I'm looking at some hands on Poker Tracker. What are the meanings of the following values in the "PF Act", "F Act", "T Act", "R Act" columns?

  • C
  • B
  • XC
  • F
  • R
  • CCF
  • RF

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Each character stands for a single action. You can have more than one action for a single betting round, when someone bets or raises after you. These actions are combined into for example "XC" (first checked, then called) or "CCF" (called twice and finally folded).

  • X = Check
  • C = Call
  • B = Bet
  • R = Raise
  • F = Fold

The acts in the headings are actions for:

  • PF = Pre flop
  • F = Flop
  • T = Turn; and
  • R = River

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