Dealers hand: 2 diamonds, 5 diamonds, 8 diamonds, Jack diamonds,and King diamonds

1st hand: 2 spades, 2 hearts, 3 diamonds, 9 clover, and 10 hearts.

2nd hand: 3 spades, 3 hearts, 4 clover, Queen clover, and King spades.

3rd hand: 10 spades, Jack hearts, Queen Spades, King Hearts, and 3 Clovers.

4th hand: Ace diamonds, Ace clover, Ace heart, 9 spade, and 9 diamonds.

5th hand: 5 clovers, 6 hearts, 8 hearts, 10 diamonds, and Jack clover.

6th hand: 4 spades, 6 clovers, 8 clovers, 9 hearts, and Queen diamonds.

7th hand: 4 diamonds, 4 hearts, 5 spades, 8 spades, and King clover.

8th hand: 7 clover, 7 diamonds, 7 spade, 2 clover, and 10 clover

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Dealer's hand is flush, K-J-8-5-2. 4th hand (winner) is a full house, aces over nines. Dealer beats everything else given.

4th hand: Full House - Wins

Dealer: Flush - Second

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