I've always been a decent poker player. I typically win and understand probabilities and money management from life experience and trading. I'm an engineer, so I naturally approach things with a certain degree of rigor.

But I'm reading this site and realizing that there's a quantum level of "poker technology" that I never knew existed. What sites or books would you recommend to at least get the terminology and fundamental concepts that are discussed here?



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I assume you are interested in texas holdem(Most common type of poker card game)

Your selection of learning materials depends on type of game you play(Fixed/No limi cash, Heads up, SNG, MTT)

I found nice list of best books. Especially Moshman, Miller, Sklansky are authors who invented a lot of poker terminology. Their explanation of poker decision process and different strategy concepts are based on science methods! ( == math proofs)

You should also definitevely check following links:



(referal link : http://www.pokerstrategy.com/#u56DJM Not sure if its allowed :-/)



Definitely check out the NL forums on twoplustwo: http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/7/no-limit-holdem/

Most of the decent online players matured there. It's an enormous source of knowledge, some of it is pure gold. You'll find some incredibly knowledgeable and helpful people.

I highly recommend this collection of forum posts / articles. These are the finest writings about the basics and more advanced concepts of the game, it will put you lightyears ahead of micro / small stakes competition. I remember when i first came by this around 2008, I got so hooked :) Have fun!


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