I get it is totally unethical.

Can you hide high value chips in the bottom of a stack out of view?

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    It will all depend on the tournament type you play. There is at least one page which aims to create a uniform ruling for tournaments talking at this respect. See this page pokertda.com/view-poker-tda-rules item 23 sub-item B. Jul 21 '16 at 4:12
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Must be visible at all times, you can get a penalty for hiding them. You'll get a warning normally first but you will get a penalty if you keep hiding them in most places. In general I'll ask a player once to move their large chips out in front of their stack, after that I'll call floor if they don't.

You as a player have the entitlement to know what size stack you're against, just as much as the other players have that same entitlement. Not exact size, but a solid estimate, i.e. if you're stack is 200,000 but someone counts 190,000 fine. But imagine you had say 8 or 10 25k chips behind that stack, that's not fair to the other player. By hiding your higher value chips you're potentially unfairly effecting someone's decision.

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