There have been videos and other public claims about Annette Obrestad having already played more hands of poker than Doyle Brunson. Is that even possible?

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Yes, it's very much possible. Doyle Brunson played about 1.8 million hands of poker prior to winning his first WSOP bracelet. This article explains how a online player can easily reach this same mark. Annette Obrestad most likely did the same thing. For a dedicated online player, 1.8 million is a very reasonable milestone: http://buriedinfo.com/annette-obrestad-doyle-brunson/

  • interesting article, and it's feasible she has, but it's making a mismatched comparison - it is claiming Annette has already played more hands than Doyle has in his career, but then does the math comparing how many hands she has likely played versus Doyle before he won his first bracelet. Since that was 40 years ago, and we don't know (from the article) how much poker Doyle has played during that time, this makes the actual comparison more difficult.
    – user1934
    Aug 17, 2016 at 20:51
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