If the board is all spades, for example; T♠5♠4♠6♠J♠

Everyone plays this flush Who wins if only 5 cards can be used Only one person has a 7 spades One person has ace high ( dont know if that applies)


The player with 7 of spades wins because he has the best flush


In your specific example, someone holding the 7♠ beats anyone not holding a spade in their hand.

Anyone holding 7♠ or higher (and therefore can beat the board) beats anyone who doesn't (and is therefore playing the board).

Anyone with 7♠8♠ has the nuts with a straight flush and cannot be beaten. Next is 7♠3♠ and then 3♠2♠ for smaller straight flushes.

If no one has a straight flush and multiple players have a spade which is 7 or higher, the highest spade wins.

If no-one has a spade 7 or higher, it's a split pot.

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