We were playing poker and the board was T876A. I had A9 so I had the straight but I also had a pair of aces. My opponent had T9 so he completed the straight but also had a pair of Ts on the side.

I say I should've won but he ended up taking the pot because he said his T completed the straight before the T came on board.

Who should've won?

  • It is a split pot. I am voting to close your question because it already has an answer in the best five cards rule. Please read it, it involves the basics of reading poker hands. – Jon Dec 31 '16 at 22:41

It's a split pot as has been stated in the comments, because you both had the same best 5 card hand - a T high straight. There is no such thing as a "straight and a pair", you both have a straight, that is your best 5 card hand.

Poker is (usually) a game of 5 card hands - other cards you may have access to (in holdem when you have 2 hole cards and up to 5 community cards for example) are irrelevant to determining the winner of a hand if they do not form one of the 5 cards which make up your best possible hand.

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