Hi I'm not too sure about this.

Player 1: K⋄ Q⋄

Player 2: K♣ J♣

On the table: T⋄ J♥ Q♣ A♣ 8⋄

Who would win in this situation as player 1 has a higher second card but then when you consider the 5 highest cards of each hand it's a direct tie. Any help with this would be appreciated thanks.

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    In poker you can use five out of the seven cards to make your hand. Therefore there is no such thing as 'a straight with a kicker'. – Raymond Timmermans Apr 30 '17 at 11:31

This is a split pot, as both players have a straight (TJQKA) as their best hand - there are no kickers involved.

As mentioned in the comments, there is an existing question here which deals with how to evaluate hands against each other to determine the outcome of a hand and explains how the pot should be awarded.

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