Are there any particular tips involving playing Pokerstars spin and go games? I have been fairly successful in tournaments so far but just can't win at Spin and Go. I'm a rather tight player so when I get raised preflop by other spin and go players I don't have the heart to call 90% of the time due to j just how few chips you get in a Spin and Go game.

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I assume you are 3 handed, $500 stack, and starting blinds of 10/20. You are already in the Harrington yellow zone.

The value of speculative hands like 89s goes way down. Maybe on the button to steal blinds as a backup.

You need a wider range 3 handed and you need to take a stand and call or 3 bet a re-raise with most of your range. A short stack means you need to take a stand more not less. If you are folding to 90% of the re-raise that is a hole. You should be calling or 3 bet like 50% - 70%. Lots of charts outs on range by position and stack size.

With a wider range no need for a stone cold bluff pre-flop.

On the button size your raise small like 2.5 BB so you can more afford to call a re-raise.

From the blinds getting close to 10 BB if you have a hand to play just shove.


The majority of the time you will be very shortstacked. Don't be afraid to shove a lot. Generally, people will call you way too tight. Use icmizer2 and memorize some common spots. Suprisingly, you can even shove wider than what icmizer suggests in my opinion. You can get this for less than 20 bucks for a month and it is absolutely worth it.

Regularly watch videos on twitch and youtube for more deepstack, post-flop strategies and adapt your current strategy accordingly.

Start playing the lowest stakes and slowly move your way up.

Remember, spin & go's have insane variance. You need proper bankroll management. Good luck!

  • Thanks man :) PS I only play Spin and Go's when I don't have the funds to enter decent tournaments.
    – Charlie
    Commented Jun 23, 2017 at 22:53

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