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Which hand wins: 23 vs. 9J on a AAKKQ board? [duplicate]

Ignoring any flush possibility, who would win? Board: AAKKQ Player 1: 23 Player 2: 9J I think both players split the pot in half because they both have two pairs and Q as kicker, but people keep ...
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Full house vs Full house [duplicate]

If two players got a Full House... First Player = 999AA Second Player = TTT99 Which one of them wins?
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When does a kicker count? [duplicate]

I like to play some friendly poker online sometimes and i often see the situation where a pair is on the table and people try to win with only a kicker. I know a kicker is valid when applied to only 1 ...
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How to decide winner between equal double pairs in Texas holdem? [duplicate]

I have played the free Texas Holdem in one online poker app. I do not understand why the winner is approximated apparently randomly when two players both have pairs of exact magnitude, for instance ...
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Who wins when two players both have a flush? [duplicate]

Who wins when two players have a flush? For example, say the first player also has two pair, one in their hand (two 3's), and one on the board (two 8's). The second player has AQ, with the same pair ...
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What happens when straight is on board [duplicate]

Suppose 3 people are playing. 1st has A , K 2nd has K , Q 3rd has 5 , A And cards on board are 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10 Who will win please tell ?
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3 pairs v.s. 2 pairs? [duplicate]

i was playing world poker on xfinity internet apps and i think this was considered texas holdem. I had in my hand a 4 and a 7. The first 3 cards the dealer dealt on the table were a 4, Queen, and a 7. ...
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Can some tell me which hand(s) beats the dealers hand in this game of poker? [duplicate]

Dealers hand: 2 diamonds, 5 diamonds, 8 diamonds, Jack diamonds,and King diamonds 1st hand: 2 spades, 2 hearts, 3 diamonds, 9 clover, and 10 hearts. 2nd hand: 3 spades, 3 hearts, 4 clover, Queen ...
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4 of a kind on board ( texas holdem poker ) [duplicate]

If a board has four of a kind, let's say 9 9 9 9 J, how is the winner decided? Will kicker take part here?
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Two straights and a pair who wins? [duplicate]

We are new to playing poker. We played Texas holdem a few nights ago. Tow played got a straight. Player 1 J-7. Player 2 10-6. Normally we would have given it to player 1 for having a higher straight, ...
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Texas Hold'Em Fullhouse Battle [duplicate]

Which one wins? I had 77 in my hand. He had J8 in his hand. Community Cards on table: 8 8 7 2 2 So who wins here?
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Who wins or is it a split pot [duplicate]

The 5 cards on table: A,9,9,3,Q My cards : A,10 his cards: A,6 Who wins and can you explain
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Can you use an ACE in a straight as a high card [duplicate]

Ex: 7,8,9,10,A Or can it only be used as like A,2,3,4,5
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Who wins a flush draw when the high card is a community card? [duplicate]

Player 1: 7d 8d Player 2: 9d Jd Board: Qc Kd 4h 5d Ad Both players have a diamond flush, but I'm curious, does player 2 win with a higher diamond or do they split the pot since the flush high ...
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Ace value in a low straight [duplicate]

I play Hold'em with some guys from work and we had an interesting ruling I have a question about. The community cards are A,2,3,4,5 not suited. There are two players. Player one is holding A,8 and ...
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