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Questions tagged [2-7]

2-7 is a lowball variant of 5 card stud. This a drawing game, often played as a triple draw game. This game uses a button, small blind and big blind format for action and draws.

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1 vote
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What to do when deck is exhausted during the first draw of a draw game?

According to page 25 of the WSOP 2023 Rulebook, if the deck is depleted during a draw only mucks and discards from previous draws can be reused, NOT the current discards. According to pages 26 and 27 ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Order of drawing cards in 2-7 Triple Draw

Suppose A, B, C, D and E are playing 2-7 Draw poker together, sitting on a table in that exact order. A is the button and B and C are SB and BB respectively. I know that the players announce the ...
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