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Poker variant where each player is dealt five cards face down and may discard than "draw" new cards into the hand to replace those discarded.

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What are the odds of getting the queen of hearts in one hand and a two of any other suit in another in five card draw poker

Given a standard 52 card deck, with 5 players in a five card draw poker game, one particular player ends up holding the queen of hearts while another particular player has a hand with a two, any suite,...
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What hands are worth raising with in late position to capture the antes in five card draw poker?

The game is eight-handed, the antes are 1/8th of a bet, meaning there is one bet in the pot to start. You probably wouldn't want to bet two small pair in early position, because of the possibility of ...
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In five card draw poker, are there variants with multiple tiers of betting?

Is there a variant of draw poker where the bet is x before the draw and 2x afterwards? If so, how might that change your strategy?
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One deck, five cards, three card draws by seven players. What happens?

What if all players choose to draw three cards in a seven hand, one deck game? There won't be enough cars will there?
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Draw poker should you keep AK

5 card draw and you have AK and junk. Assume unsuited. A♠K♣T⋄8♣5♠ Should you keep AK or just the A?
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Draw lowball call

I'm reading Sklansky's "Theory of Poker" which states For instance, if you are playing draw lowball and you see three players calling $10 and then drawing two cards, which is a very bad play Why ...
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What are the odds in five card draw

We play generally five card draw poker with friends at home and we play with 32 cards, not 52. Could someone show me the way of calculating my drawing odds?
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5 cards game - Full House x 4 of a kind statistics

We are playing 5 cards game. Imagine a player has three of a kind, e.g. KKKJ8 and he can exchange up to three cards. What's better to do (statistically): a) Exchange two cards. The strategy behind ...
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5 cards draw odds

I have three cards of the same suit. What are the odds of receiving two more cards of the same suit? If the number of players is important, assume 5 players on the table.
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Raising with two pair in 5 card draw?

You are at an eight-handed table in 5 card draw. A tight player opens in first seat, and his reputation is that he would not open in that position with less than a pair of aces, or queens up. Several ...
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What is the protocol for dealing the "draws" in "draw poker"?

In draw poker, you will initially deal out, say eight hands of five cards each (40 in total), leaving 12 "unseen" cards. Some players will fold, others will choose to draw. In "The Education of a ...
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Are there any 5-card-draw games with the joker online?

I used to play a lot of this in gardena before holdem became popular. I did find some draw without the joker at poker stars a few years ago, but there were very few games. Is there any 5-card-draw ...
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What do you do when you get junk in draw poker?

In draw poker, you swap cards with the deck in order to build your hand. Now obviously, if you've got a pair or the beginnings of a flush, you'll keep those cards. Speaking as a complete poker novice, ...
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