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Betting all chips at a betting round in a no limit game

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What happens if two players reach the showdown and one of them is out of chips?

When there are two remaining players in Texas Holden, and one of them has gone all in on the turn, what happens if the other player calls and the river is dealt? There’s one player with no chips left ...
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How to determine 2nd/3rd positions, following a 3-way all in, and the big stack wins

I am involved in a regular, weekly home tournament league. We play two tournaments each week, 51 weeks a year, points awarded for positions in each tournament. Our 'house rules' have devloped over ...
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Should Hero call 3-way all in with flush draw?

6-max Cash game, 100BB deep Hero holds A♥3♥ Goes 5-way to the flop, single raised for 3BB FLOP: 6♣8♥T♥ SB bet 10 BB BB folds UTG raises 20BB HJ folds CO (Hero) calls SB all in for 100BB UTG all in ...
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Fold and side Pot Questions?

FLOP: A All-in 500 B Call 500 C Call 500 (Side pot A-B-C = 1500) TURN: B Raise to 1000 C Call 1000 (side pot B-C 2000) RIVER: B Raise 2000 C Fold My question is: imagine that C has the best hand (fold ...
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How to handle an all-in from the opponent on the flop?

Here's the specific scenario I ran into yesterday: It's a live 1/2 game, I have pocket kings UTG+2. UTG+3 raises to $15, everyone folds to me, I raise to $45. He calls. The flop comes 37Tr. I check to ...
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How to calculate pre-flop odds with hands revealed?

I’m trying to create a backend for a Poker odds calculator. I know how to go about calculating odds post-flop, but I’m having a hard time calculating the odds pre-flop. How do I go about calculating ...
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