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Balanced Continuation Bet range

Assume a 100bb NL game 6max game. Hero is on the Button on Open raises 3BB with a 55% range The BB calls (25% range). On a Board Axx a lot of players cbet a large portion of their range (60% - 90%) ...
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2 answers

How wide should my 3-bet range pre-flop be in low-stakes NL live play?

When playing $1-$2 NL live, many players do not 3-bet very frequently pre-flop. Although important in theory, I rarely do so with less than QQ. Is this likely to be exploited at this level, or is it ...
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Can someone help me out with the table balancing done in MTT's?

Gone through the Pokerstars table balancing article: I am considering two major factors while developing my own online poker table ...
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