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Questions tagged [betting-strategy]

Betting strategies are the application of various betting options (check, bet, raise, call, fold) and amounts to achieve a desired result.

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What hands are worth raising with in late position to capture the antes in five card draw poker?

The game is eight-handed, the antes are 1/8th of a bet, meaning there is one bet in the pot to start. You probably wouldn't want to bet two small pair in early position, because of the possibility of ...
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Re-raise bluffing post flop in heads-up cash game

I am struggling with Post Flop bluff raising, to a bet, playing heads-up cash game. I am unable to decide, other than big drawing hands, when to bluff raise after flop. How should I make a strategy ...
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Why "raise to 3BB" rather than "raise by pot size" if they're equivalent?

I'm new to NLHE and trying to figure out opening bet sizes. In a $1/$2 game (assume no ante), an unopened pot has $3 worth of blinds in it. "Raising to 3BB" (i.e., the default at Pokerstars) ...
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high straight vs low straight/flush

The table was a bit loose. BB is 2000 and I had 45000 and the opponent 35000. I was under the gun with suited 78. I limped in and no one raised but got some calls. The flop came 456 rainbow. ...
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