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Questions about poker books and references to specific tactics, strategies and rules advocated in the book.

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Books of examples of positions for beginners (Texas Hold'em)

I am new to poker and I am looking for books to learn the basics of no limit Texas Hold'em from, however the resources I have found so far explain the basic principles, but without examples that would ...
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Pot Odds in "The Mathematics of Poker" Example 4.3

I have a couple questions about an example from Bill Chen and Jerrod Ankenman's book The Mathematics of Poker. Below is a screenshot of the example (Example 4.3). My questions are: If the game is $...
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Am I supposed to deny equity to draws?

This is one area of poker where I find even the leading authors seem to disagree. In the Course by Ed Miller, he seems to say that you shouldn't worry about draws getting there since your overall EV ...
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Theory of Poker vs Theory of Poker Applied to NL

I am a beginner poker player who just started NLHE at the small/micro stakes. I was looking online for beginner books and saw several recommendations for The Theory of Poker by David Sklansky to be a ...
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Book or books to learn to play Poker

I have no idea about how to play Poker. I've been searching books about how to learn to play Poker but the only books that I have found were about to learn how to win in Poker online, etc. But first ...
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Does the "the theory of poker applied to no limit" cover all the contents in "The Theory of Poker" both by David Sklansky?

I haven't read the "The Theory of Poker" and am planning to start reading. Then I found the newest book "the theory of poker applied to no limit". So I am wondering which one should I start? I play ...
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blogs of David Sklansky

I used to read Sklansky's blogs on 2+2, and he put some of those articles into books like eg 'poker, gaming, and life' and 'DUCY'. I really enjoyed it. But that was 10 years ago. Does David Sklansky ...
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Best books for beginners Pot-Limit Omaha

I am looking for recommendations for the best books for beginners. I want to learn with a focus on Omaha, however it seems like the books that deal with Omaha are for players who have already ...
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What are good poker books from the last 4 years

I've been out of poker for a few years now. I was a winning @ NL100/200 and small stakes tourney. What would be a worthwhile read since 2015?
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Erratum in "The Mathematics of Poker" [closed]

I think there is a little erratum in a computation p 79: the result of subcase c) should be 186.36 instead of 346.21. I didn't see that one listed in the official errata list (https://www.conjelco....
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Raising all-in against calling stations on draws?

Recently I read from one of the poker books (NLHE: Theory and Practice, by Sklansky, D. and Miller, E.) that if you are ahead, you should value bet as high as the opponent will call, without giving ...
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Are there any recommended Tournament Theory Books?

When I got into Poker originally over 10 years ago, I bought myself a copy of "Hold'em Poker" by Sklansky & Malmuth for a bit of theory study off the table. Having got back into it recently, ...
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Poker books for people with short attention spans

I was wondering if anybody knew of good Poker books that are easy to read. I have tried reading the regular popular books but I find that halfway through a 40 page chapter my brain kind of turns off ...
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books or articles on methodically analyzing hand history

Are there any books out there that teaches you how to methodically go through you own hand history? looking less for theory, more on something that is more practical and instructive and maybe some ...
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Good Poker AUDIO Books

I am looking to do more walking in order to increase my cardio. I usually listen to books on Audible (MP3) when I walk. By nature, most poker books involve charts and graphics (and that's OK). So I'm ...
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How Gus Hansen came up with 30%?

Taken from Every Hand Revealed. Here's the scenario: Gus hand was A♣ 4♣ It was mentioned that the flop was 4-handed. The flop was: 2♥ 5♦ K♣ A bet was made, Gus and one villain stays. The road ...
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What are best books for newbie, medium and advanced level players in order to learn no limit Texas Hold'em?

There are too much books about no limit Texas Hold'em. One can not read them all. There are some good books in this question. I would like to know more specific about which of them are good for ...
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Teaching source for putting players on hands?

Is there a teaching source (book/website) that specializes in putting players on hands? It seems that every other specialty has been addressed (Caro's tells, Sklansky's starting hands, etc.), but I'...
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Is Colin Moshmans Book Still A Relevant Micro SNG Reference

I am looking for a book specifically about micro SnG games. Everywhere I look people are saying that I must get Colin Moshmans book SnG strategy but this book was written in 2008. Given that poker is ...
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How to best teach poker to a novice in 1 month?

Note: I am interested in playing NLHE. Short version: I live near a large casino. I would like to eventually get good enough to play there and consistently win money. However, the lowest stake table ...
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Are Poker books like "Book on Tournament Texas Hold'em" trust worthy?

I have recently began reading Dan Harrington's Book on Tournament Texas Hold'em Volume 1. Dan wrote this book, while still participating in professional poker, and won the WPT in 2005, the same year ...
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Why is "Let There Be Range" so expensive ? Is it worth that money?

I saw this book on the Internet today called one of the best poker books. Price is unbelievable. $947.00 I made some little search and I found this comment. Very expensive, but again, there are no ...
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Classic Books for Texas Hold'Em

What are the classic books for learning Texas Hold'Em, off- or online? Books that every good player should, at least, know the gist of?
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