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The button indicates the player that has position over all other players, except for the pre-flop street. It moves clockwise after each hand.

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Should the button move if a player leaves the table in the blinds positions?

A friend told me yesterday in my club when a player leaves the table in the blinds positions, the button stays in the same position in order to maintain blinds order. My concern is then a player has ...
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Dealer and Small Blind go bust - how does Dealer button move in this case?

Scenario 1 Let's take a simple Texas Holdem no-limits cash game example: Players: A (bust) | B (bust) | C | D | E | F | G Buttons: D | SB | BB | | | | Now let's say Player A and ...
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Tournament table balancing: when joining a table at the button position, explain why you don't get dealt a hand

In Robert's Rules of Poker, section 15 (Tournaments), rule 16, it says: New players to a table as a result of balancing tables are dealt in immediately unless they are in the small blind or ...
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Win the Button tournament rules?

As I studied(in google) about win the button tournament I just find out that, it is like as normal tournament where winner get the button. Is there any other rule, which I need to other than that? And ...
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Eliminating two players from a four-hand hold'em play

A four-person hand, say Alice (Button), Bob (SB), Carol (BB) and David, ends with Bob and Carol eliminated. Who will have the button in the next hand and how blinds will be posted among Alice and ...
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How to choose new dealer when some new players have joined and some previous players have left the table?

Suppose these are the players on a table on which a game has just finished. A1 B2 C3 D4 [E5] F6 [E5] was the dealer. But now [D4] [E5] [F6] left, and [G7] [H8] joined. A1 B2 C3 __ [__] __ {G7} {H8}...
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What does the Dealer button have to do with the dealer?

I've often wondered about this: why is the dealer button called the dealer button ? The player that is on the button is just that: a player; not a dealer. Maybe this name is because of historical ...
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