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Can I export my hands from Sharkscope HUD to poker tracker 4, DriveHUD, etc?

I'm using Shark scope HUD for tournaments and have about 55k tournament hands and 4k ring game hands. I am switching from focusing on tournaments to ring games, so I have decided to use Poker Tracker ...
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Poker cash game .. who has to Show cards when 2 players are All-In

Hi I have a very specific question .cash game Villain goes all in, hero calls, cards are dealt villain shows winning hand, Does villain have the right to ask to see heros cards. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY, ...
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Calling down check-raise on semi-dry board

Game is 1/2 cash, generally soft with good-ish players, 9-max. V is a MTT player that is adjusting to cash, so has reasonable fundamentals and not terribly out of line. Able to bluff in reasonable ...
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Professional cash player's salaries

I'm trying to get a sense of how much money I can make if I decide to be a pro cash player. And what blinds do they play?
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Playing monsters against nits

0.1/0.25 6-max cash game online. Field is generally tight fit/fold players, who generally wont continue without hitting the flop (unless they think youre loose and will play some hands back). Against ...
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