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Questions tagged [cash-game]

Cash games refer to poker games where chip values correlate directly to money. They can generally be bought into at any time, and cashed out of at any time.

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Paradox after an evening of hold-em with 5 to 7 players

After almost a hundred hands, I would have expected that each player's chip stack at the end of the night would be just as likely to be odd as even. Instead, almost always, zero or two players have ...
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Can I export my hands from Sharkscope HUD to poker tracker 4, DriveHUD, etc?

I'm using Shark scope HUD for tournaments and have about 55k tournament hands and 4k ring game hands. I am switching from focusing on tournaments to ring games, so I have decided to use Poker Tracker ...
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What is a Reasonable Expectation for Hourly Rate (BB/100) in Cash Games?

What level of BB/100 are successful cash players able to achieve, and how does this vary with different game sizes? Put another way, what is a typical BB/100 for a good cash player at: Online micro ...
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Which websites allow you to buy-in with a very small stack?

Recently, I’ve been reading about a small stack strategy for cash games. It involves entering the table with only 20 big blinds. Unfortunately, it seems that many poker websites (e.g. 888poker and ...
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