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The person dealing the cards (shuffling, pitching, controlling the game etc.), or when a center dealer is used, the player last to act with the dealers button.

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Is the hand a player receives completely determined by the way the deck is shuffled?

I am wondering whether the hand which a player receives is completely determined by the way in which the deck is shuffled- that the permutation of the cards after they are shuffled completely ...
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what should a dealer say when a player places a bet after the river card, and all other players fold?

As a dealer: player A places a bet after the river card, and all other players fold. what should I say while passing the pot chips to player A ? in italian is "respinto", I wonder if it is &...
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Dealer misdeal - How should the hand proceed?

Every now an than we are facing irregularities (not sure if they qualify as "Misdeals"), in our friendly cash Texas Holdem table. I would like to know how to act in each of these occurrences:...
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In.a rotating dealer game, are there rules prohibiting the dealer from touching the deck when it isn't necessary?

I have a group of friends who play Texas Hold'em, and one of the guys who plays has a habit of picking up the deck at really odd times when he's dealing. This is playing with a rotating dealer, so at ...
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Dealer and Small Blind go bust - how does Dealer button move in this case?

Scenario 1 Let's take a simple Texas Holdem no-limits cash game example: Players: A (bust) | B (bust) | C | D | E | F | G Buttons: D | SB | BB | | | | Now let's say Player A and ...
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Should dealer continue dealing after one of the players hits royal flush in heads-up showdown?

I've just watched this hand. In the hand one of the players hits a royal flush on the turn in a heads-up showdown hand. The dealer does not proceed to the river because, at this point, it's obvious ...
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What hand is this?

I've been starting to learn poker recently (as a reference, I tend to use this list of hands). I was watching a tournament and this hand showed up. One player has a 99, the other a JJ. I understand ...
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What is the official procedure for starting a hand in texas holdem heads up?

As a dealer what are the steps I need to perform when dealing a hand during a heads up? E.g. Move Button to player 1 Collect BB from player 2 Collect SB from player 1 First card goes to...? A ...
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How much should I be tipping when I cash a live tournament?

I play in Portland, Oregon where for legal reasons the dealers are "volunteers". They don't get paid a wage by the house, the only money they make is from tips. I've been trying to tip around 7.5%. I ...
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Why does Dealer call over floor if there is 3 of a kind on the flop in live poker?

I was playing live poker recently, and during one of the hands the flop came AAA (3 aces). The dealer called over the floor to watch the rest of the hand, and I was confused why this was necessary. ...
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Can a dealer help and tell players their outs

Skip to the very end for the actual questions, the long paragraphs are the specifics of the scenario. During a hand 2 players went all in on the turn, hands were tabled and the players showed A-K of ...
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Win the Button tournament rules?

As I studied(in google) about win the button tournament I just find out that, it is like as normal tournament where winner get the button. Is there any other rule, which I need to other than that? And ...
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How much do you tip the dealer? [closed]

How much do you tip the dealer? I know some players tip a percentage of the pot. On average pots, just tip around the small blind amount. Have you ever seen a dealer cheat so a big tipper would win?
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All Players SItting Out

Is the dealer expected to stop dealing if all players at a table are sitting out? Does this behavior differ depending on the type of game? MTT / Ring Game / SnG?
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In Seven Card Stud, the dealer missed dealing the last cards and shuffles the deck

After the 6th card is dealt (6 player, 3 have folded) the dealer mix in the dead cards and shuffles the deck (the dealer forgot that we had 1 more card coming). What should happen now?
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In Hold'em games, how do the blinds move if the dealer is stationary (house)?

What if the dealer is stationary, not changing its position at the end of a game? In a normal game, as I know, the small blind is the first person from the left of the dealer and the big blind is the ...
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How to choose new dealer when some new players have joined and some previous players have left the table?

Suppose these are the players on a table on which a game has just finished. A1 B2 C3 D4 [E5] F6 [E5] was the dealer. But now [D4] [E5] [F6] left, and [G7] [H8] joined. A1 B2 C3 __ [__] __ {G7} {H8}...
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What does the Dealer button have to do with the dealer?

I've often wondered about this: why is the dealer button called the dealer button ? The player that is on the button is just that: a player; not a dealer. Maybe this name is because of historical ...
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