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Questions tagged [etiquette]

Poker etiquette are rules of proper behavior in a game.

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38 votes
5 answers

In a private live game, how do you deal with severe violations of table etiquette?

In some of the early cash games I played, we had one player who would consistently hold his cards below the table, out of sight. It was a group of friends, so the assumption was that he was not ...
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9 answers

Is it impolite to leave a cash game when I'm about to be the big blind?

In games with a small blind and big blind structure, I've always thought that the blinds are a kind of fee you pay to be allowed to see the next round of hands until your next blind. Therefore, I ...
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1 answer

N00b ethics question about calculators in online poker (or choker)

Update: I've read more about this. I heard GTO solvers are a much bigger deal than just a strength calculator for your hand. like GTO solvers are analogous to using engines/computers in chess but ...
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3 answers

Who wins if a player mis-identifies their hand?

I recently had someone claim (on an unrelated SE site I won't link to) that it is the responsibility of a player to correctly identify their hand, that what you "call" your hand determines ...
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2 answers

How much should I be tipping when I cash a live tournament?

I play in Portland, Oregon where for legal reasons the dealers are "volunteers". They don't get paid a wage by the house, the only money they make is from tips. I've been trying to tip around 7.5%. I ...
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