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The last table of a poker tournament.

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Help me remember this EPIC hero call?

Please help me remember this famous hand. It was an epic hero call with like 6 or 10 high. They were outdoors, which is odd for poker tournaments, and it was the final hand. There was lots of wind ...
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In Tournament Poker, how do you play 4 handed on a 7 table max game, with 2 tables left?

So I had this situation that I felt totally lost in to my normal game. This is just a home online game with ~25-35 people. Normally we play 9 hand max table. I got to the final 9 people, but because ...
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Was dealer incorrect in handling prematurely dealt turn card?

I was on the final table and blinds were 2k and 4k. I had 70k chips and was one of the shorter stacks. The tournament paid 7 people. A guy raises to 16k, I'm the only caller. I have J♥9♥,...
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Final table: All-in with AQ suited against a small stack?

My question on this hand is whether I made the right play, even though I lost? The hand took place on the first deal of the final table of a long underground, self-dealt tournament. Despite a ...
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Chips running out playing tight [closed]

I'm a poker beginner I use to play SNG 0.5 9Handed, 45Handed or 90 Handed and some micro tournaments. I've been studing poker throught the sites and almost all of them says that I have to play tight-...
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Push/Fold situation

I'm following Kill Everyone tables for push/fold situations but i have some difficulties where there's limping action before me from the big stacks. Say, i'm in FT and the large stack with about 13.5 ...
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Dealing with final table shovers

I've noticed this a few times (mostly on low stakes SNG games); when you get to the final table people start shoving, a lot! - It'll be every hand someone is shoving, it becomes the exception that a ...
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What is a final table simulation?

I sometimes hear the term "final table simulation" when it comes to the WSOP Main Event. What is it ? Why is it done ? How does it work ? Does it have the expected results ?
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