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Post-River Action Folding

What happens if we're heads up and the board is AKJ83 and I have Q4, my opponent has 99. I am dealer, he was small blind. We both check and I say "Oh my God I have a monster". He then folds ...
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Fold and side Pot Questions?

FLOP: A All-in 500 B Call 500 C Call 500 (Side pot A-B-C = 1500) TURN: B Raise to 1000 C Call 1000 (side pot B-C 2000) RIVER: B Raise 2000 C Fold My question is: imagine that C has the best hand (fold ...
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1 answer

Can someone explain in simple terms what equity means?

I've seen examples where commentators mention that he has a good equity to make a call. I do understand what poker odds are. Can some one give a simple example to help understand what equity/fold-...
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2 answers

Confusion regarding calculating odds in flops

I was going through an article where it's written: "For example, if you hold two hearts, and there are two on the flop, you have nine outs to hit your draw, giving approximation of 18 percent to hit ...
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Player fold in split pot, is he part of main pot?

Player A is all in to which player B and C matches the amount, then we created a split pot for player B and C and now Player B puts some amount to which Player C folds. Would player C win anything ...
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2 answers

How do I calculate "I break even if Villain folds this percentage of shoving", including Fold Equity, in heads up play?

How do I calculate "I break even if Villain folds this percentage of shoving", including Fold Equity, in heads up play? I know several factors are involved *Pot Size before I shove *How much do I ...
4 votes
4 answers

Can I showdown early

I'm the last to act. I have pocket queens. First player bets 10, second raises to 30, the fourth raises to 70. I have 160 chips in front of me. I'm willing to go all-in. I decided to believe that ...
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2 answers

What is the correct ruling?

Playing in a 1-2 game-gets to turn and I go all in with for about a 1000- it was a 1600 before my bet) Opponent hems and haws and then says fold and throws his cards in face up- showing a set of ...
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1 answer

Push/Fold situation

I'm following Kill Everyone tables for push/fold situations but i have some difficulties where there's limping action before me from the big stacks. Say, i'm in FT and the large stack with about 13.5 ...
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1 answer

MTT - flush draw vs loose big'o'stack

So i am in the money on a 0.10$+0.01$ MTT with M=5 and playing tightly waiting for a decent hand to shove. I'm UTG in this hand. I had a recent, won shove and decided to just call A⋄T⋄ ...