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A Full house is a made hand, consist of any three (3) cards of the same rank, plus another two (2) cards of the same rank (example: KKK33). Suits do not play a role in a Full house. They're also named by their 3 cards, for example a KKK33 Full house can also be named "Kings full" or "Kings full of Threes".

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How likely is a full house on a paired board vs. a double paired board?

Recently I had a situation where I made a flush on the turn but my opponent made a full house on the river. The board was J5566 so it wasn't too difficult for anyone to make a full house in this case (...
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Odds for AAAKK Full House in Flop with 8 Players

Today we have a casual game with 8 people (including me), and in table was Full House with AAAKK. What are the odds for this flop? also, have you seen this in recorded games?
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can someone tell me what the chances are of this hand that me and my poker boys played tonight?? quads and a full house P1 was dealt AA vs P2 was dealt QQ Flop A 4 Q River Q Turn 6 does anyone actually know the odds of the quads aswell as a full house ...
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