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Questions tagged [gaming-theory]

Gaming theory or Game Theory, is the "study of strategic decision making".

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3 answers

Is the heads up NLH no mixing Nash equilibrium strategy known?

In real games, it seems an NLH heads up bot is now at the point of (or close to) being able to beat the best human players. See For heads up limit,...
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2 answers

Fundamental Theorem of Poker vs Morton's Theorem

According to the Fundamental Theorem of Poker, our expectation is increased every time the opponents make a wrong decision. On the other hand, Morton's Theorem states that a player's expectation may ...
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4 votes
2 answers

How precise is math in the heat of battle?

In the heat of a hand I have never really thought in the kind of precision that is used in this post to answer a question about playing on the bubble. Indeed I have seen other players doing so in ...
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What would be the main difference to poker if the deck would be extended?

Let's assume we had the following deck: Suits: ♠♣♥♦▲⬤ Values: 2 - 10, Soldier, Guard, Princess, Queen, King, Ace Would the ranking of all hands (flush, trilling, etc.) be still in the same order, or ...
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1 answer

Prospect theory and loss aversion refuted by poker players

Daniel Kahneman proved that people are loss averse and got a Noble prize for it. However, as poker players know, that doesn't seem right. If someone loses, that person is much more likely to take ...
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3 votes
3 answers

Computing Nash equilibrium strategy

How does one in principle compute the Nash equilibrium strategy for NLH? Are there different methods? Let us simplify the case and consider only 2 players and only 1 hand in isolation. (No history)
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2 votes
1 answer

Number of game tree nodes in HU

Is there a formula to calculate every possible betting/checking outcome in Heads Up situations at a given depth (stack/BB)?
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1 answer

Can a push/fold strategy be optimal (ie EV>=0 against any other strategy) in general

There are many push/fold charts that have been calculated which claim to be optimal in a simplified version of (no limit texas holdem) where only push/fold is possible. So wouldn't always either ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Are there any recommended Tournament Theory Books?

When I got into Poker originally over 10 years ago, I bought myself a copy of "Hold'em Poker" by Sklansky & Malmuth for a bit of theory study off the table. Having got back into it recently, ...
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6 answers

Does the complexity of poker increase unboundedly as effective stack sizes tend to infinity?

You can assume this question to be about no limit texas hold'em, but answers about/including other variants are also interesting. I'm also not sure how to define complexity mathematically in a way ...
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2 answers

Is the Nash equilibrum strategy probabilistic?

Suppose you play with a Nash equilbirum strategy in a heads up NLH match, can you play every equal situation in the same way? (Equal in the sense of the same cards on the board and in your hand and ...
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