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Game theory optimal play, or GTO, refers to a strategy that is unexploitable. If 2 players following game theory optimal played against each other forever, neither would win money in the end. Any deviation from game theory optimal strategy, against another player using game theory optimal strategy, will lose money in the long run.

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Is there an example of solver calculations to show how they work under the hood?

I am trying to understand how solvers work, but most GTO books just give examples of easy and straight forward toy games and then they jump to outputs from solvers and I feel there is some gap between ...
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How Exactly do GTO Programs Calculate Expected Value?

Suppose you have 6d7d on the button, and the flop is 7s5h4d, and the pot is 48.5 bb. Clearly, we have top pair, and the outs we have to improve our hand are 2 7's (for a three or four of a kind), 4 3'...
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Game-theory optimality (GTO) background reading

Does somebody have a hint on the details behind GTO? When I google it, I only get links to handbooks on how to implement it. I would like to understand the concepts and math behind it.
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