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Game theory optimal play, or GTO, refers to a strategy that is unexploitable. If 2 players following game theory optimal played against each other forever, neither would win money in the end. Any deviation from game theory optimal strategy, against another player using game theory optimal strategy, will lose money in the long run.

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4 answers

Balanced Continuation Bet range

Assume a 100bb NL game 6max game. Hero is on the Button on Open raises 3BB with a 55% range The BB calls (25% range). On a Board Axx a lot of players cbet a large portion of their range (60% - 90%) ...
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Expected Value for SB und BB in NL HU (GTO)

Lets consider a NL HU Match 100BB deep (no rake). Both players are playing GTO (game theoretical optimum). Lets assume in the GTO Strategy the SB open limps or open raises r times and open folds f ...
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Mathematically speaking, is open-limping that bad?

I do not limp, well in some rare situations I do but that's not the question. I would like to know why limping is bad mathematicaly speaking. There are many responses to the "limping is bad" question ...
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GTO principles - Indifference: what am I missing?

TLDR I've read around that the GTO action is the one that makes your opponent indifferent to something. Could anyone be as precise as possible stating this? Indifferent to any action? Indifferent to ...
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Calling Pot Odds vs. Your Opponent's Bluffing Odds

From Mastering Small Stakes Holdem: What is going on in the first paragraph? Does it mean that if an opponent is laying your 2:1 pot odds, and if he is playing GTO, he will have ensured that 33% ...
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Is this proper GTO

A popular hand between Alec Torelli and Doug Polk at the Bike Both solid pros and have popular YouTube channels They both have reviews of this hand Polk will play exploitative but he is more GTO Alec ...
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Why does ATo GTO solution play so poorly in this spot?

I am using GTOWizard to analyze a hand which is a 6 max cash game, 120 BB effective stacks. I'm in the BB with ATo and the HJ minraises, CO call, and SB call. I also called getting 8:1 on my call ...
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Is there an example of solver calculations to show how they work under the hood?

I am trying to understand how solvers work, but most GTO books just give examples of easy and straight forward toy games and then they jump to outputs from solvers and I feel there is some gap between ...
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How Exactly do GTO Programs Calculate Expected Value?

Suppose you have 6d7d on the button, and the flop is 7s5h4d, and the pot is 48.5 bb. Clearly, we have top pair, and the outs we have to improve our hand are 2 7's (for a three or four of a kind), 4 3'...
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Should you loosen or tighten up against a Table full of loose Fish?

Imagine a table full of loose fishy players which call preflop way too much and don't really adjust against different open raise sizing's. The general approach would be to tighten up and only play ...
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Clairvoyant Game : Modern Poker Theory Page 74 Mistake?

I have been following the Clairoyant Toy Game for Two players up against eachother and the play is on the River. The Solutions in the book are for eliminating dominant strategies, pure stragies , and ...
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Game-theory optimality (GTO) background reading

Does somebody have a hint on the details behind GTO? When I google it, I only get links to handbooks on how to implement it. I would like to understand the concepts and math behind it.
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