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Does this hand make sense?

This hand is part of the IRC poker database. It's a limit heads-up game with a $10 small bet and a $20 big bet. The database shows the following actions for the two players "Carcass" and "num": ...
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Showdown with same straight - do pairs count as a tie break? [duplicate]

We were playing poker and the board was T876A. I had A9 so I had the straight but I also had a pair of aces. My opponent had T9 so he completed the straight but also had a pair of Ts on the side. I ...
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Should I always call a min raise on the river?

When someones been checking/calling all the way to the river and then min raises on it, is it worth always calling to see their hand even if I know I definitely have the worst hand possible? (...
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AAA flop, KJ holding against very aggressive player

I want to discuss a hand I've played recently. At the late stage of a single-table live tournament, I am middle-stacked relative to others (about 16k), but dangerously close to the "yellow zone", on ...
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Can somebody tell me whom wins in this poker flush?

Which of the pictured hands would win? Thanks
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Texas Holdem questions

I have 9spade 5 heart He has 9clud 2heart The board is Ah 9h 7h 6h 3h Is it a split pot our does my 5h beat the boards 3h for a better flush.
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Who won in this scenario? Both players have a pair

Me and a couple friends were playing poker and me and one of my friends had a pair. She had a pair in her hands and I had a pair using one of the cards from the flop. She had a Pair Of Q's, I had a ...
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Problem with a hand in Texas hold'em

We play as friends and keep arguing over a certain hand dealt. The scenario is on the last card dealt it becomes a straight on the table, say 23456, I understand if someone has a 7 then that would win ...
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