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Calculating odds for a 2 run scenario with Combos

So I'm trying to calculate odds of hitting a set or better by the river when holding a pocket pair for the game of flip n go on GG Poker. This is an 8 seat all in game, everyone receives 3 cards ...
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Run it twice ONLY for side pot

Can anybody tell me, why run-it-twice for side pot is illegal depending on everything: math, etequette, rules etc? Example: preflop short stack is all in. Then two big stakes all in too. And decide to ...
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What strategies can be used to counter a player who consistently raises preflop in no-limit hold'em?

In no-limit hold'em, it can be frustrating to play against a player who consistently raises preflop, especially if they are doing so with a wide range of hands. This can make it difficult to put them ...
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Is there a heads-up holdem variant played where both players are given the exact same set of hands to choose from?

I am not sure of the mechanics, might need to be played only online or may not work at all. But to address the frustration that players express with being dealt poor hands, what if various two-card ...
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