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Run it twice ONLY for side pot

Can anybody tell me, why run-it-twice for side pot is illegal depending on everything: math, etequette, rules etc? Example: preflop short stack is all in. Then two big stakes all in too. And decide to ...
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1 answer

Calculating odds for a 2 run scenario with Combos

So I'm trying to calculate odds of hitting a set or better by the river when holding a pocket pair for the game of flip n go on GG Poker. This is an 8 seat all in game, everyone receives 3 cards ...
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Why i lost this hand? [duplicate]

Table straight. so tied or do I have higher card? How come I lost? Like my hand was 'a straight, ace high', and I assume, he had the same? What am I missing. This is from Unibet site and I really don'...
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