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Implied Odds, are calculated the same way as pot odds, but take into consideration estimated future betting.

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How much can I rely on implied odds when set mining?

I had a situation today that had me wondering whether I should call or fold after missing the flop with a low pocket pair: I had pocket 5s in a 1/3 game. I raised to $15. There were 3 callers. The ...
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How many people need to call to make a bet on a flush draw worthwhile? [duplicate]

In Texas Hold'Em, after the flop, let's say you are holding two spades, and the flop comes out with two spades. Now you have a flush draw. How many people need to call your bet in order for there to ...
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Value of Speculative Hands

I was wondering how the value of speculative hands changes depending on player texture. For example let's say we have a hand like 89s or maybe 44. If you're mid position, the typical thing to do is ...
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How to count the power of cards in hand?

I don't want to get the results, but to calculate them by myself. I am a C++ programmer and I want to make for fun a program to calculate the power of cards held in hand (described as "odds"?). It's ...
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Implied odds meaning and usage

What is exactly implied odds, and how to calculate it correctly, in which situations should someone use this tool, and in which situations should someone avoid it? Thanks.
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Set Mining: betting pre flop with 22+

When I set mine I usually raise pre flop with my pocket pair to build a large pot. I use the 10 to 1 rule for stack size to bet ratio when calling with a small pocket pair, but when you're raising ...
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In deep stacked NLHE cash games, in what way do the implied odds of my starting hands change vs shallow stacked games? And why?

(Note: I consider ~175+bb stacks to be deep, and 50bb or less shallow) How should the depth of effective stacks change my... Starting hand range? (Tighter/Looser) Style of play? (more Aggression/...
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