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Live play is poker that is played in person, whether in a casino or a home game.

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In a private live game, how do you deal with severe violations of table etiquette?

In some of the early cash games I played, we had one player who would consistently hold his cards below the table, out of sight. It was a group of friends, so the assumption was that he was not ...
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2 answers

In Omaha, Is it allowed to only show two holecards at showdown when claiming the pot?

I was watching Poker After Dark 2011, the cash game Pot Limit Omaha weeks. And it looks like once in a while the winner only shows the two cards making the best hand and not the two other cards. Is ...
16 votes
7 answers

In live play, why do poker players wait their turn before looking at their cards?

This can be seen in virtually any televised poker game: only when it's their turn do the players look at their cards. Why don't they look at them immediately after the dealer gave them ? Yes, you ...
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Optimal Win Rate Standard Deviation

I've been tracking my live sessions for some time now. After 35 sessions (about four hours a session) my win rate is 34.42 an hour. My win rate standard deviation is 157.67. This seems high to me. ...