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A variant of hold'em poker were each player is dealt four cards in their hand with five community cards. Player must use two cards in hand and three cards on board to make their best hand.

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Convenient number of hands played on a Omaha table of 6 players

I play Omaha for fun, but well allbody wants to win. I realized, after reading "The big play strategy", I had a high percentage of hands played: ~40% playing in 6 players tables. I have been trying ...
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Scoring call to bet, call to raise, bet and raise plays to generate an index. PLO

I am making offline analysis of the hands I own after playing sometime online. I play Omaha only, but this may apply to Texas Holdem too. I want to generate with code notes of my opponents and ...
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How to profit your Omaha knowledges against Holdem comming players in short-handed games

I started to play some Holdem but move to Omaha soon around ten years ago. I have played more than 250000 Omaha short handed 6-max hands while only some Holdem tournaments. I now know I have been ...
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Omaha hi pre flop hand values

I am trying to find something similar to this for just for Omaha Hi. Does anyone know where I can find one? Or direct me to a python script to be able to ...
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