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Online poker refers to poker that is played against remote opponents using software.

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Scoring call to bet, call to raise, bet and raise plays to generate an index. PLO

I am making offline analysis of the hands I own after playing sometime online. I play Omaha only, but this may apply to Texas Holdem too. I want to generate with code notes of my opponents and ...
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Online poker OS restrictions

I asked around websites that offer online poker in my country. I was always told that to play with them on a desktop, I would have had to be a Microsoft customer, or at least not a Linux user. Is this ...
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Is GGPoker random and reputable?

Does anyone have any evidence as to the randomness on the site GG Poker? Also, is it a reputable site? I've read some horror stories online, albeit a year or two ago, and I'm wondering if anyone in ...
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Germany: Online Poker still worth it in 2021?

I just recently got into poker. Since I have not yet played for real money online, I wonder if that even is lucrative in 2021 in Germany due to the Glücksspielstaatsvertrag? Not only are online ...
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Which websites allow you to buy-in with a very small stack?

Recently, I’ve been reading about a small stack strategy for cash games. It involves entering the table with only 20 big blinds. Unfortunately, it seems that many poker websites (e.g. 888poker and ...
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Alternative to Dirty Dozen jackpot SNGs?

I'm not sure if you know this one. iPoker network has had the dirty dozen jackpot sit and gos for ages, but yesterday they got removed from all sites. bet365 confirmed, that they wont get back soon. ...
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