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Open-Face Chinese Poker is a variant of Chinese Poker. It is structured into three hands of descending value

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How are cards dealt when you get Fantasy Land in OFC?

I know that one card at a time, starting from the left of the button, is dealt out for the first 5 cards in OFC. However, how are cards dealt if someone gets Fantasy Land (FL)? (assuming heads-up play)...
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1 answer

Pineapple open face chinese Initial layout

I've been practicing different layouts of hands trying to get better. I am unsure of the best setup for this starting hand: Q:hearts:Q:diamonds:J:diamonds:8:clubs:6:spades: I want to put the Queens ...
5 votes
1 answer

pineapple open face chinese shooting the moon

When you shoot the moon in pineapple OFC, do you get 20 points, but the other player always scoops you? or does your hand not get scooped because it shot the moon?
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2 answers

Is "open-face" Chinese poker really about skill?

I've been playing this a lot recently, and it seems I can only win if I get lucky with long-odds strategies. If I plod along with the odds I go down in flames. Are there better strategies available?
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Whats this "OFC" game that I keep seeing poker players talking about?

What is this "OFC" game that I keep seeing poker players talking about?
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