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Pineapple Poker, variant of poker using three card hands, Pineapple Texas Hold'em or Pineapple open faced Chinese poker

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When do you discard in Crazy pineapple?

I have seen conflicting information on when to discard your third hole card when playing crazy pineapple. One source says after the betting after the flop and one says after the River card is exposed. ...
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Calculating odds for Pineapple Variation

Lets say I select 3 card ranks (eg. K, Q, 7) I want to calculate the odds of flopping at least one pair. According to my calculation, I have 12 cards which if appear on the flop, I have a pair or ...
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1 answer

pineapple open face chinese shooting the moon

When you shoot the moon in pineapple OFC, do you get 20 points, but the other player always scoops you? or does your hand not get scooped because it shot the moon?